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Tizen supports both core and reference applications. The core applications are developed with platform internal interfaces, such as Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and other 3rd party libraries. The reference applications are developed with Tizen native APIs.

The following table shows whether the core and reference versions of the preloaded sample applications are supported by default on the Emulator and target device.

Application name Emulator Target
Core application Reference application Core application Reference application
Calculator No Yes Yes No
Calendar No Yes Yes No
CalendarService No Yes Yes No
Camera No Yes Yes No
Clock No Yes Yes No
Contacts No Yes Yes No
Email No Yes Yes No
Gallery No Yes Yes No
Home Yes No Yes No
ImageViewer No Yes Yes No
Internet No Yes No Yes
Lock Yes No Yes No
Memo No Yes Yes No
Messages No Yes Yes No
MusicPlayer No Yes Yes No
MyFiles No Yes Yes No
Phone No Yes Yes No
Settings No Yes Yes No
VideoPlayer No Yes Yes No


You can switch a preloaded sample application between core and reference applications using the MIC image creator. To switch the application, remove the preloaded application package and add the new package image with the correct name. The following table shows the core and reference application image names of the preloaded sample applications.

Application name Core application Reference application
Calculator org.tizen.calculator apps.Calculator
Calendar org.tizen.calendar apps.Calendar
CalendarService org.tizencalendar-service apps.CalendarService
Camera org.tizen.camera-app apps.Camera
Clock org.tizen.clock apps.Clock
Contacts org.tizen.contacts apps.Contacts
Email org.tizen.email apps.Email
Gallery org.tizen.gallery apps.Gallery
Home org.tizen.menu-screen apps.Home
ImageViewer org.tizen.image-viewer apps.ImageViewer
Internet org.tizen.browser apps.Internet
Lock org.tizen.lockscreen apps.Lock
Memo org.tizen.memo apps.Memo
Messages org.tizen.message apps.Messages
MusicPlayer org.tizen.music-player apps.MusicPlayer
MyFiles org.tizen.myfile apps.MyFiles
Phone org.tizen.call apps.Phone
Settings org.tizen.setting apps.Settings
VideoPlayer org.tizen.video-player apps.VideoPlayer