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Follow this guide to download the full source code for your Tizen platform and kernel.

  • git clone
  1. Download the xml file and extract each <git_path>.
  2. Clone each git project using the git clone ssh://<Username>@review.tizen.org:29418/<git_path> command.
$ wget https://download.tizen.org/releases/weekly/tizen/mobile/tizen-mobile_20160727.5/builddata/manifest/tizen-mobile_20160727.5_arm-wayland.xml
$ for i in `cat tizen-mobile_20160727.5_arm-wayland.xml | grep "path" |  awk -F "\"" '{print $4}'`; do mkdir -p $i; cd $i/..; git clone ssh://<Username>@review.tizen.org:29418/$i; cd -; done
  • repo init' and 'repo sync
  1. Initialize the repository using the repo init -u ssh://<Username>@review.tizen.org:29418/scm/manifest -b <branch_name> -m <profile>.xml command.
  2. Replace the project's .xml file inside the $workspace/.repo/ directory with the manifest file in the $srcrpm_snapshot.
  3. Use the repo sync to sync the repository.
$ repo init -u ssh://<Username>@review.tizen.org:29418/scm/manifest -b tizen -m mobile.xml 
$ wget --directory-prefix=$workspace/.repo/manifests/mobile/ https://download.tizen.org/releases/weekly/tizen/mobile/tizen-mobile_20160727.5/builddata/manifest/tizen-mobile_20160727.5_arm-wayland.xml
$ mv $workspace/.repo/manifests/mobile/tizen-mobile_20160727.5_arm-wayland.xml projects.xml
$ repo sync

When there is en error in the repo sync command, first of all check whether the git project name inside the projects.xml file exists in review.tizen.org.

For more information, see Cloning the Tizen source.

See the following links for more information:

  • Source code Management on Tizen releases:
GIT/Gerrit: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit
  • Tizen Build setup
OBS: https://build.tizen.org/
  • Tizen Bug Tracking system
Jira: https://bugs.tizen.org/jira

Platform Build

Kernel Build

To build the Tizen kernel for the TM1 board:

  1. Install and setup cross compile tools on your system if the target and host are different (such as x86).
    You can use the Linaro toolchain binaries or the Ubuntu package of them and have your environment setup for the cross tools (such as export CROSS_COMPILE=....).
  2. Prepare the kernel source code for TM1 from profile/mobile/platform/kernel/linux-3.10-sc7730.
    git: https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=profile/mobile/platform/kernel/linux-3.10-sc7730.git
    branch: accepted/tizen_mobile
  3. If your kernel source has been used to create binaries for other architecture, start by cleaning them up.
    $ make distclean
  4. Setup the .config file for TM1.
    $ make ARCH=arm tizen_tm1_defconfig
  5. After reconfiguring your needs (such as make ARCH=arm menuconfig) or using the stock configuration (no modifications), build it.
    $ make ARCH=arm zImage
    $ make ARCH=arm dtbs
  6. Create devicetree and zImage merged image with image tools.
    $ scripts/sprd_dtbtool.sh -o arch/arm/boot/merged-dtb -p scripts/dtc/ -v arch/arm/boot/dts/
    $ scripts/sprd_mkdzimage.sh -o arch/arm/boot/dzImage -k arch/arm/boot/zImage -d arch/arm/boot/merged-dtb
  7. Build and make kernel module image as well. Note that you may need to do sudo first to let sudo -n work in the script.
    $ sudo ls
    $ scripts/mkmodimg.sh
  8. Make a .tar archive from dzImage and modules.img.
    You can make your own .tar file from the 2 files.
    $ tar cf FILENAME_YOU_WANT.tar -C arch/arm/boot dzImage -C ../../../usr/tmp-mod modules.img
  9. Send the .tar image to the target using lthor.
    $ lthor FILENAME_YOU_WANT.tar

Image Build