Preparing Pre-Built Binaries for Local Full Build

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This document describes how to prepare pre-built binaries for local full build,including the following:

  • Create a super set of pre-built binaries
  • Filter base packages
  • Perform full build by using the filtered binaries
  • Remove and add dependency packages
  • Update pre-built binaries with latest repo

Tizen IVI is taken as example in this document.

Creating a Super Set of Pre-built Binaries

To create a super set of pre-built binaries, perform the following precedure:

1. Modify .gbs.conf under ~/tizen_ivi_src as follows:

       profile = profile.tizen3.0_ivi

2. Clean cache and run build by executing the following commands:

       sudo rm -rf ~/GBS-ROOT/local/cache
       cd ~/tizen_ivi_src/platform/upstream
       gbs build -A i586 --threads=4 --clean-once --clean-repos --exclude=libtool,gettext

Upon successful **gbs build**, the original package binaries will be stored into ~/GBS-ROOT/local/cache/<hash_ID>, waiting for further filter to become useful set of pre-built binaries.

Filtering Base Packages

To filter base packages, perform the following procedure:

1. Move binaries to another directory by executing the following commands:

       mkdir -p ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built-set/base/
       mv ~/GBS-ROOT/local/cache/*rpm ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built-set/base/

2. Filter the base binaries by using the references below:

  • For failed packages (caused by downloading or other reasons), remove related binaries in the cache. In this case, we need to move the related binaries from base to another dir because the rpm is not neccessary. In the end, these failed packages should be fixed by developers and they don't belong to pre-built.
       mkdir -p ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built-set/extra/
       mv ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built-set/base/xxx.rpm ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built-set/extra/
  • Based on experience, exclude the following packages from cache:
     ail, alarm, app-core, app-checker, app-svc, aul, automotive-message-*, dbus-glib,
     bundle, capi-*, docbook, ecore, evas, eeze, elf-*, gst-plugins, gstreamer, pkgmgr,
     privacy-manager, python-*, perl-*, sensor, vconf, xdgmime, xmlcharent etc.
  • Packages in a circle must be kept in cache or there will be expansion errors.
  • There is another case as follows:
     package A run time requires B, but the build order of package B is later than A, in this case, we should remove binary of package B directly.
     Check the build log under ~/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_ivi/i586/logs/success/
     grep -r downloading *
     A-1-0/log.txt:[    5s] [1/1] downloading ...
     the build order:
     info: *** [1/897] building A-1-0 i586 tizen3.0_ivi (worker: 0) ***
     info: finished building A
     info: *** [10/897] building B-1-1 i586 tizen3.0_ivi (worker: 2) ***
     info: finished building B
     In this case, remove B-1-1.i586.rpm in cache

Performing Full Build by Using the Filtered Binaries

To perform full build by using the filtered binaries, perform the following procedure:

1. Clean cache and repos by executing the following commands:

       sudo rm -rf ~/GBS-ROOT/local/cache
       rm -rf ~/GBS-ROOT/local/repos

2. Remove remote repositories in .gbs.conf to leave just local pre-built local repo, an example is shown below:

       profile = profile.tizen3.0_ivi

3. Build all packages by executing the following commands:

       cd ~/tizen_ivi_src
       gbs build -A i586 --threads=4 --clean-once --exclude=libtool,gettext

Removing and Adding Dependency Packages

The logistics of this section is as follows:

   check whether expansion error occurs
   if yes
       Add binaries to pre-built by following `Appendix_How to find dependency
       relationship for any package from repo`
       Go back to step-2 and step-3 recursively until you get a minimal pre-built

For example:

     nothing provides pkgconfig(aul)

Then find the package that provides pkgconfig (aul)

   grep -e "pkgconfig(aul)" .repo.cache| grep P:
   P:aul-devel.i686-1397286673/1397286678/0: aul-devel = 0.0.286-2.291 aul-devel(x86-32) = 0.0.286-2.291 pkgconfig(aul) = 0.1.0
   P:aul-devel.i686-1397286694/1397286699/0: aul-devel = 0.0.286-2.10 aul-devel(x86-32) = 0.0.286-2.10 pkgconfig(aul) = 0.1.0

So put aul-devel binary into pre-built

Updating Pre-Built Binaries with Latest Repo

We can use a script named (bj/gbs-testing/, which can automatically upgrade the binaries in pre-built to the higher version with a latest repo, to maitain pre-built binaries.

   python -R HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages/
   -L ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built/toolchain-x86

Upon successful execution of this script, the old binaries will be replaced by the new binaries. If there is a repodata dir, make sure to run `createrepo --update` to update this pre-built directory.

   createrepo --update ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built/toolchain-x86


How to find dependency relationship for any package from repo

Run gbs build with any package, press Ctr-c at the start of build. Repo is which you want to build with.

   gbs build -A i586 -R HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/ --skip-conf-repos --buildroot=~/MILSTONE
   info: generate repositories ...
   info: build conf has been downloaded at:
   info: start building packages from: /home/testspace/f81517f68c214eabbd4f1445e9b01e77 (git)
   2014-05-20 13:54 +0800
   info: prepare sources...
   info: start export source from: /home/testspace/f81517f68c214eabbd4f1445e9b01e77/fake ...
   info: Creating (native) source archive fake-1.0.tbz2 from 'HEAD'
   info: package files have been exported to:
   info: retrieving repo metadata...
   info: parsing package data...
   info: building repo metadata ...
   info: package dependency resolving ...
   info: next pass:
   info: *** [1/1] building fake-1.0-1 i586 tizen (worker: 0) ***
   --repository /home/MILSTONE/local/repos/tizen/i586/RPMS --repository HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages --repository HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/emul/ia32/packages
   logging output to /home/MILSTONE/local/BUILD-ROOTS/scratch.i586.0/.build.log...
   [    0s] Memory limit set to 21777108KB
   [    0s] Using BUILD_ROOT=/home/MILSTONE/local/BUILD-ROOTS/scratch.i586.0
   [    0s] Using BUILD_ARCH=i686:i586:i486:i386:noarch
   [    0s]
   [    0s]
   [    0s] started "build fake.spec" at Tue May 20 05:54:35 UTC 2014.
   [    0s]
   [    0s]
   [    0s] processing specfile /home/MILSTONE/local/sources/tizen/fake-1.0-1/fake.spec ...
   [    0s] init_buildsystem --configdir /usr/lib/build/configs --cachedir /home/MILSTONE/local/cache --repository /home/MILSTONE/local/repos/tizen/i586/RPMS --repository HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages --repository HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/emul/ia32/packages /home/MILSTONE/local/sources/tizen/fake-1.0-1/fake.spec ...
   [    0s] initializing /home/MILSTONE/local/BUILD-ROOTS/scratch.i586.0/.srcfiles.cache ...
   [    0s] /usr/lib/build/createrpmdeps /home/MILSTONE/local/repos/tizen/i586/RPMS
   [    0s] /usr/lib/build/createrepomddeps --cachedir=/home/MILSTONE/local/cache HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages
   [    1s] /usr/lib/build/createrepomddeps --cachedir=/home/MILSTONE/local/cache HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/emul/ia32/packages
   ^C^C captured
   warning: build failed, Leaving the logs in /home/MILSTONE/local/repos/tizen/i586/logs/fail/fake-1.0-1/log.txt

Then open ~/MILSTONE/local/order/.repo.cache, it can provide all information about every package from repo like:

   P:mic-bootstrap-x86-arm.i586-1397164816/1397165006/0: mic-bootstrap-x86-arm = 1.0-13.20 mic-bootstrap-x86-arm(x86-32) = 1.0-13.20
   R:mic-bootstrap-x86-arm.i586-1397164816/1397165006/0: /bin/sh
   I:mic-bootstrap-x86-arm.i586-1397164816/1397165006/0: mic-bootstrap-x86-arm-1.0-13.20 1397164816
   F:gdb-locale.noarch-1387595787/1387595811/0: HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages/noarch/gdb-locale-7.5.1-10.1.noarch.rpm
   P:gdb-locale.noarch-1387595787/1387595811/0: gdb-lang-all = 7.5.1 gdb-locale = 7.5.1-10.1
   R:gdb-locale.noarch-1387595787/1387595811/0: gdb = 7.5.1
   I:gdb-locale.noarch-1387595787/1387595811/0: gdb-locale-7.5.1-10.1 1387595787
   F:zypper-locale.noarch-1387597203/1387597217/0: HOSTNAME/pub/mirrors/tizen/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140422.1/repos/ivi/ia32/packages/noarch/zypper-locale-1.8.14-12.1.noarch.rpm

The meaning of these prefix characters are:

  • P what this package provides
  • R what this package requires
  • F where to find this package
  • I Identifier of package