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Qt for Tizen is a Community port of Qt for Tizen launched in May 2013 and actively developed. It contains a optimized, cross-platform application and user interface development framework, dedicated developer tools.

Qt for Tizen offers native Tizen look and feel (based on Qt Quick 2) for smartphones and works with Tizen Emulator. There is support for smartphone sensors, accelerated (OpenGL ES 2) graphics, and other system integration. Applications can already be developed using the familiar Qt Creator IDE or your favourite editor and tested with or without the Tizen Emulator. Qt Creator is able to easily deploy Qt apps to Tizen emulator or smartphone.

There is also support for Tizen IVI with Wayland.

The project gives usable results already despite of its Alpha mark.

How to use Qt SDK with Tizen

To install development tools just follow build Qt for Tizen instructions

See developer tools for mixed (cross compilation and gbs) workflow

Developer Tools