Ramp up LE in Tizen NTB

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Tizen Bluetooth Stack

The following picture briefly shows the architecture of bluetooth Stack in Tizen. Tizen-Bluetooth-Stack.PNG

  • NTB: Provide GATT CAPI for upper layer
  • Bluez: NTB LE feature is running based on bluez 5.x
  • Kernel: The kernel version should be at least 3.14 to support bluetooth LE

Upgrade kernel to support bluetooth LE

  • You can easily follow this guide link to upgrade your kernel in ubuntu:
  • Note: In development environment , ubuntu kernel upgrade to 3.14, so you have to upgrade your kernel at least 3.14.
 This is download kernel deb page link for your reference:

Ramp up LE feature in bluez

1. git clone your_username@gerrit:platform/upstream/bluez
2. Checkout out devel branch
3. ./configure –disable-systemd && make
4. When you finished three steps as above, you can check commit “support Gatt-api.txt Dbus API” exist or not by git log

  Note: If exist, just run bluetoothd by root user. If not, please git pull the latest source code from repo firstly

Ramp up LE feature in NTB

1. git clone your_username@gerrit:platform/core/connectivity/bluetooth-frwk
2. Checkout out devel branch
3. It is easy to follow README file to finish compilation and installation
4. When you done three steps as above , enter into the test directory, running ./bluez-capi-test to go through all the LE Gatt CAPI

  Note: all the CAPI details will be in the header file bluetooth.h