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The cert-svc-ui provides trusted root CA certificates displaying and user certificates managing functions.


Display trusted root CA certificates

The trusted root CA certificates menu displays the list of root CA certificates installed in an assigned root CA directory (ex. /opt/etc/ssl/certs/).

To get the list of root CA certificates, cert-svc-ui call cert-svc's c_certsvc_get_root_certificate_list API.

Cert-svc-ui-trusted-root-ca.jpg Cert-svc-ui-certificate-datails.jpg

After selecting trusted root CA certificates menu, the list of certificates saved on trusted directory will be displayed.

The specific information of certificate will be displayed when a specific certificate is selected.

Manage user certificates

The user certificates menu provides user certificates managing functions such as inserting and deleting user certificates.

The format of user certificates is limited to PKCS12

To install user certificates, cert-svc-ui call cert-svc's certsvc_pkcs12_import_from_file API.

Cert-svc-ui-user-cert.jpg Cert-svc-ui-install-user-cert.jpg

After installing user certificates, private key and certificates extracted from a user certificate will be installed in the assigned directory (/opt/share/cert-svc/pkcs12).