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In this section we introduce privilege-info package. This package was made to provides APIs to get privilege information in Core API level. It's a library for reading privilege information of the given privilege and API issue version. It provides the display name or description of privileges.

  • Display name: Privilege description in a simple present participle form.
  • Description: Detailed information on permissions, including accessible resources and functionality, that the application can get with this privilege. It also contains information related to billing or device performance, such as cost or increase battery usage.

If there's no matching privilege then it shows last token of given privilege or description string for undefined privileges. Privilege-checker also provide similar APIs but they're not provided in Core API level.


See privilege-info tutorial or privilege-info API reference.

These APIs are used to show privilege information of the application to be installed or already installed and the followings are examples.

privilege-info Usage Example1 - Settings

privilege-info Usage Example2 - Installer