Security/Tizen 3.X Smack (Backported Kernel Patches)

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For the purpose of keeping Smack kernel code and relevant security patches aligned with upstream development, special backport branches are maintained. Each branch corresponds to a kernel version used by some Tizen 3.0 profile or product, with all relevant security patches backported to that version. There are two sets of such branches: tizen-security-backport-XXX, with backport of patches for security subsystem and tizen-netfilter-backport-XXX, with backport of needed security related patches for netfilter subsystem.

Backports for the following kernel versions are currently maintained:

Base kernel version Smack backports Netfilter backports
3.4 tizen-security-backport-3.4 tizen-netfilter-backport-3.4
3.10 tizen-security-backport-3.10 tizen-netfilter-backport-3.10
3.14 tizen-security-backport-3.14 tizen-netfilter-backport-3.14
4.0 tizen-security-backport-4.0 tizen-netfilter-backport-4.0
4.4 tizen-security-backport-4.4

The intention is to provide those branches for respective maintainers of Tizen 3.0 kernel repositories. They may chose to merge entire branch to Tizen 3.0 kernel tree or to apply some modifications first.