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Vasum Server contains multiple API functions for developers. The following site describes entire Vasum API in-depth. All functions available from DBus and Client can be found here, together with detailed description and examples.

Doxygen API reference

Newest version of Vasum API documentation can be found in-code. The comments were written to work together with Doxygen.

HTML pages generated by Doxygen are customized specifically for Vasum project. Doxygen uses three files to generate HTML version of the documentation:

  • HTML header - specified by HTML_HEADER config option. If the option is empty, Doxygen uses default HTML header. Doxygen configuration used in Vasum specifies to use header.html file as a custom header.
  • HTML footer - specified by HTML_FOOTER config option. Same as HTML header, empty field causes to use default HTML footer. Vasum uses custom footer.html file as a footer.
  • CSS sheet - specified by HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET config option. Doxygen generates by default a CSS file to use with created HTML pages. If some style options need to be customized, a custom CSS file can be supplied here, which will override default CSS file. Note this is an override of default settings - styles not overriden will have their settings automatically taken from the default CSS.

Generating the documentation

To generate the documentation, one can use a script kept in Vasum repository in doc directory, called Doxygen will generate a html directory and the documentation will be kept in multiple HTML files.

GitHub Pages

The documentation generated by Doxygen is regularly uploaded to our GitHub Pages site. It can be accessed by entering this link.

In order to update the documentation available on GitHub Pages, the following must be done:

  1. Assuming the repo is already cloned, add the remote to GitHub:
  2.  git remote add github
  3. Generate new version of the documentation (assumes your pwd is Vasum repo root):
  4.  doc/
  5. Copy generated HTML files outside the repo:
  6.  cp -r html ../
  7. Checkout on gh-pages branch and create a local gh-pages branch tracking remote branch:
  8.  git checkout github/gh-pages -b gh-pages
  9. Replace existing files with new version of the documentation:
  10.  cp -r ../html/* .
  11. Commit and push the changes:
  12.  git add --all && git commit && git push github HEAD:gh-pages

Available APIs


Vasum API in DBus can be accessed using following credentials:

Host API
Bus name
Object path /org/tizen/vasum/host


C API is provided via client/vasum-client.h header file. The API is a wrapper for DBus API, so all DBus APIs have their C equivalents.

API Description

Host API

The purpose of the host API is to manage Zones from Host level. The API allows to perform following actions:

  • Create, Destroy, Start, Shutdown Zones
  • Enumerate, Lookup Zones and Get their various properties
  • Switch between Zones
  • Lock and Unlock Zones
  • Manage Zone Networking and NetDevs
  • Manage Zone Provisioning

To read more about Host API visit Vasum Client header documentation on GitHub Pages.