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Sunxi is the name of AllWinner ARM Linux BSP (OLinuXino/A20)

Download : tizen-common-wayland-arm-sunxi-20140527rzr.raw.gz (md5=1660bb230f0ffaae2193eb484fe6fd56 size=977272832)

Please use dev list or contact User:Pcoval for support or more details ...


  • UART : ok
  • networking : ok
  • display/wayland : ok (framebuffer) : only when using linux-3.4
  • security : ok : only when using linux-3.15+
  • gstreamer : ok/todo : software rendering
  • EFL : shm
  • Qt : fb
  • hdmi : ok : tested on GL116FHD_CTA (1920x1080)

Work in Progress :

  • rdp : connect
  • egl  : needed to test crosswalk Qt EFL ...
  • security and display are exclusives at the moment
  • gpu: integrate closed source mali driver (without X11)
  • fix startup scripts

ToDo :

  • audio / usb : to check


1. Adapt current ia32 ks from repo (you can reuse mine : ) this means blacklist unsupported packages

2. Create image using mic

   time sudo -E \
       mic create raw "$ksfile" \
       --outdir="$outdir" \
       --arch="$arch" \
       --release="$release" \
       --generate-bmap \
       --verbose --debug \
       --fstab="name" \

3. Install armv7 toolchain on host

4. Clone and build linux .config adapted (or reuse mine)

   export ARCH=arm 
   make ${mach}_defconfig
   make menuconfig

5. Build kernel and modules

   export ARCH=arm 
   export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-
   LOADADDR="0x40008000" \
   time make uImage dtbs 

6. Install image to sdcard

  dd if=$raw of=$disk

Then repart using parted shift the 1st part to install the UBoot bootloader

  sudo dd if="$file" of="$disk" bs=1024 seek=8 # 268596

7. Copy the kernel and bootloader files to 1st part

8. Copy modules to 2d part in lib/modules/

9. Reboot

10. Plug serial/usb adapter and use it as console

   sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

11. Or ssh root@$ip # passwd=tizen

Mali GPU Driver

Shipped GPU is ARM MALI

I noticed that opengl-mali-ddk-r3p2-wayland.tar.gz is still linking with libX11

Usage :

 modprobe -v mali
 modprobe -v mali-drm