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TM1 (Tizen Mobile 1?) is one of Tizen2.4 ReferenceDevices for developers

Here are the version from settings of one device given at TDC2015  :

 Name: Tizen
 Model number: TM1
 Tizen version: TIZEN 2.4.0b
 IMEI: 3535....5
 IMEI: 3535....3
 Wi-Fi MAC : 80:4e:...


Learn how to use GBS, or you can reuse --Pcoval configuration file :

  wget -O ~/.gbs.conf
  cd ${package}
  git checkout tizen
  less packaging/*.spec
  profile="mobile_2_4" ; arch=armv7l ; 
  gbs build -P "profile.tizen_${profile}_$arch" --arch $arch  --noinit --include-all
  less /var/tmp/$USER-gbs/tizen_mobile_2_4_armv7l.conf

Connect TM1

Device can be connected as USB peripheral :

 Bus 003 Device 028: ID 04e8:6860 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd GT-I9100 Phone [Galaxy S II], GT-I9300 Phone [Galaxy S III], GT-P7500 [Galaxy Tab 10.1]

To log in, you need sdb tool from tizen tools repo or just install latest SDK

 cat ~/tizen-studio/sdk.version 

"Developer mode" is enabled by default :

 ~/tizen-studio/tools/sdb devices
 * server not running. starting it now on port 26099 *
 * server started successfully *
 List of devices attached 
 0000c2d800000000    	unknown   	device-1

Mote, If you have repeated disconnection issues, try to uninstall ModemManager from your Linux OS.

How to log in using a remote shell :

 ~/tizen-studio/tools/sdb shell grep Build= /etc/info.ini
 sudo ~/tizen-studio/tools/sdb  shell
 cat /proc/version 
 Linux version 3.10.65 (abuild@tizenwrk12_docker_60260-60264) (gcc version 4.9 20141031 (prerelease) (Linaro GCC 4.9-2014.11) ) #1-Tizen SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 13 16:58:53 UTC 2015
 rpm -qf /usr/sbin/sdbd                    
 su # to get root
 sdb shell su -c /sbin/reboot
 sdb shell su root -c \"cat /proc/kmsg\" # To gain read privilege

How to fetch a file :

 sudo ~/tizen-studio/tools/sdb  pull /usr/sbin/sdbd

Let's check the ARM binary on host

 readelf -A  sdbd  
 Attribute Section: aeabi
 File Attributes
 Tag_CPU_name: "7-A"
 Tag_CPU_arch: v7
 Tag_CPU_arch_profile: Application
 Tag_ARM_ISA_use: Yes
 Tag_THUMB_ISA_use: Thumb-2
 Tag_FP_arch: VFPv3
 Tag_Advanced_SIMD_arch: NEONv1
 Tag_ABI_PCS_wchar_t: 4
 Tag_ABI_FP_rounding: Needed
 Tag_ABI_FP_denormal: Needed
 Tag_ABI_FP_exceptions: Needed
 Tag_ABI_FP_number_model: IEEE 754
 Tag_ABI_align_needed: 8-byte
 Tag_ABI_align_preserved: 8-byte, except leaf SP
 Tag_ABI_enum_size: int
 Tag_ABI_HardFP_use: SP and DP
 Tag_CPU_unaligned_access: v6

Upload and your built binaries :

 cd ~/tmp/gbs/tmp-GBS-tizen_2_4_mobile-armv7l/local/repos/tizen_2_4_mobile_armv7l/armv7l/RPMS/..
 sdb push RPMS /opt/usr/media/Others/RPMS
 sdb shell su -c "rpm -i /opt/usr/media/Others/RPMS/*.rpm" 

Or install them manually one per one :

 sdb shell 
 rpm -i /opt/usr/media/Others/RPMS/*.rpm

Deploy apps with SDK

There is no need to setup certificates, if you do and it does not work then start a fresh TizenSdk workspace and save your day ( )

known issue

Tizen logo appear and then blackscreen, after a white flash:

 sdb devices
 List of devices attached 
 0000c2d80000?????        unknown         device-1
 sdb shell
 error: target offline

Solution is to reflash


Mats used the info in first link above to flash it, and ended up with the device not working. It seems to affect only the Rev1 devices from TDC/Shenzen, not the older ones from TDS/Bengalar. You get the splash screen, then it reboots back to the splash screen, forever. It's not bricked (you can try flashing again), but it's not booting either. This problem is described in the first link below, and there seems to have been a long-standing bootloader problem, now reported on the thread as fixed. The second link below is a location of an image I got my TM1 back running with (tizen-2.4-mobile_20160531.3_mobile_target-TM1.tar.gz, but this will presumably keep changing as it's "latest"). Also note that any recent distro will run into at least one of the problems described in the third link below - the "USB Port is not detected" one. The solution works. Probably modemmanager will be interfering also, as it seems to install by default (although ubuntu marks it recommended, not required). Finally, after flashing, you'll need to restore the proprietary bits (see the firmware link above)

Tizen 3 images seems available at the link below. But it may not be possible to "go back", so take care before proceeding.

Update: the eMMC has to be repartitioned to run Tizen 3. Haven't found anyone who knows how that works, if it's as easy as "flash several times" or of there's more to it.


Is there a factory reset mode on original firmware ? No but you can reflash

The procedure from SamsungZ1 ( ) will display :

Downloading ...
Do not turn off target!!!


Actually the device I got from TDC2015 (HW REV: 1), can be reflashed w/ tizen-2.4-mobile_20151030.1 (93172269fba10e50810f5d1a7fa9e4a9), other I tried failed into "reboot loop".

Partitioning is :

cat /proc/partitions 
major minor  #blocks  name

 179        0    7634944 mmcblk0
 179        1       1024 mmcblk0p1
 179        2       1024 mmcblk0p2
 179        3       1024 mmcblk0p3
 179        4       1024 mmcblk0p4
 179        5       1024 mmcblk0p5
 179        6       1024 mmcblk0p6
 179        7       1024 mmcblk0p7
 179        8       1024 mmcblk0p8
 179        9       8192 mmcblk0p9
 179       10       9216 mmcblk0p10
 179       11       2048 mmcblk0p11
 179       12       2048 mmcblk0p12
 179       13       2048 mmcblk0p13
 179       14       8192 mmcblk0p14
 179       15       8192 mmcblk0p15
 179       16       8192 mmcblk0p16
 179       17       8192 mmcblk0p17
 179       18       8192 mmcblk0p18
 179       19      12288 mmcblk0p19
 179       20       8192 mmcblk0p20
 179       21       4096 mmcblk0p21
 179       22       2048 mmcblk0p22
 179       23      32768 mmcblk0p23
 179       24     131072 mmcblk0p24
 179       25    6283264 mmcblk0p25
 179       26    1081344 mmcblk0p26
 179       96        512 mmcblk0rpmb
 179       64       4096 mmcblk0boot1
 179       32       4096 mmcblk0boot0

Contact: --Pcoval (talk) 18:03, 30 September 2016 (UTC)


Is WiFi supported ?


Is WiFi supported ?

With some hacks it's possible, ask me details as it worked for me on BUILD_ID=tizen-4.0-unified_20171027.1_mobile-wayland-armv7l-tm1

--Rzr (talk)


See tizen 4 hints

Upstream effort:

--Rzr (talk)


TM1 Owners :

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  • Leon ...
  • mats
  • Add your id here


Issue to solve: "failed to download": ... ": -27"