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Tizen 3.0 Planning

Tizen 3.0 has been in development for a while. In Tizen 3.0 we are beginning to separate a profile-specific release from a Common release. A Common release will have all the repositories common to all profiles and development tools. The profile-specific releases will follow the Common releases. Milestones for Tizen 3.0 Common are identified below.


Milestone Target date Status Details
3.0 Common 2014.Q2 End of May 2014 In Development Tizen 3.0 Common 2014.Q2 detailed status
3.0 Common 2014.Q3 End of Aug 2014 Planning Tizen 3.0 Common 2014.Q3 detailed status
3.0 Common 2014.Q4 End of Nov 2014 Planning Tizen 3.0 Common 2014.Q4 detailed status


# Feature Name Milestone Jira details Status
1 New Configuration (Buxton) Alpha PTF-33 Framework implemented. Buxton will need to co-exist with Vconf
2 3D UI & Rendering Engine Beta PTF-197 In progress Wayland backend clean-up
3 New Bluetooth Framework Beta PTF-184 Need some fixes and API work
4 WiFi Framework Beta PTF-182 -
5 Crosswalk Alpha PTF-39
Integrated into Tizen. QA ongoing. Not all APIs expected to complete by Alpha.
6 Cynara Alpha PTF-198 -
7 Multi-user Alpha PTF-3
Integrated into Tizen. Test in progress.
8 Smack Alpha PTF-200 Binary Sharing, Three domains Security, Support mode. Configuration.
9 KDBUS Beta PTF-15
10 64-bit Beta PTF-199 Done for IA; ARM64 not complete
11 Wayland Alpha PTF-62 Ready for testing. Lacking ARM support
12 EFL Upgrade Beta TBA Need latest upstream version of EFL into Tizen 3.0.
13 Accounts & SSO Beta PTF-34 -

Reference Platforms

We will be testing Tizen 3.0 Common images on the following reference platforms:

  • i586
  • x86_64
    • Intel NUC Haswell (core i5)
    • Lenovo x230 IvyBridge (core i5)
    • VTC 1010
  • ARM
    • ODROID-U3 Community Edition

Profiles / Common

Tizen 3.0 has a large number of repositories. All the repositories are in tizen.org at: git-trees. See the README.txt for meta file details. The file “git-trees” provides the repository details. The file domains provide details on domains and subdomains that each repository belongs to.


Profile refers to a product in Tizen. Mobile, TV, IVI, Wearable, Camera, Refrigerator, or Watch are examples of profiles. Tizen provides an open-source reference implementation for a product. It also provides TCS and TCT from a compliance perspective.


Early this year we attempted to create an image with all the functionality of Tizen that is available. This image easily boots on a PC-like platform and was very useful for development and testing of new changes that were being brought into Tizen 3.0. The number of source packages required for such an image was less than 600. This was referred to as a GENERIC image at the time. Going forward, we are going to call it a COMMON image, since it is expected it will be useful for all products that will be built with Tizen 3.0.

We are hoping to categorize each of the repositories to be “common”, profile specific (“mobile”, “TV”,“automotive”, “wearable”, etc) or “devtools”. It is expected that “common” will be used by all profiles based of Tizen 3.0. If the repository is only required by one or more products, but not all, it will be categorized as profile specific. Furthermore, repositories that are truly for development, debug, and test purposes that are not expected to be included in a product, will be marked “devtools”. This is on-going work and we are looking for updates to the “git-trees” and “domains”. These details will be documented at: Common Packages.