Tizen 3.0 Porting Guide/Kernel Fundamentals

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The kernel is the operating system that drives the platform. Here the kernel refers to the open source Linux kernel that is customized for the Tizen platform. The following section gives a brief overview about the Tizen kernel setup, configuration, and the build procedure for building a Linux kernel for your Tizen platform. The output of the kernel binary is a zImage merged with devicetree or the zImage and devicetree binary that is suitable for boot loader of the specific board. If you have chosen for a secure booting configuration in your boot loader, this kernel image must be compatible with your boot loader.

To download the Tizen kernel source package, see Getting Source Code and Build. Set up or modify your kernel configuration, use the appropriate defconfig file from arch/arm/configs/ (ARM CPU).

For more detailed information about Tizen kernel configuration and kernel building, see Kernel Build.

Tizen uses INOTIFY instead of DNOTIFY. You must disable DNOTIFY from your kernel configuration.

If you want to use initramfs, you can use these configurations: