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Start Tizen Common Emulator through Tizen IVI SDK

Install Tizen IVI SDK

You can refer to this wiki page Tizen IVI SDK to install Tizen IVI SDK.

Download Tizen Common Emulator image

Tizen Common Emulator image can be built out automatically. You can download it at this link

TODO: update link to more recent than:

Modify Emulator Image

  • Enlarge the loop image root partition size.
$ e2fsck -f tizen-common.img
$ resize2fs tizen-common.img 3900M
  • Change the loop format to qcow2 format.
$ ~/tizen-sdk/tools/emulator/bin/qemu-img convert -O qcow2 tizen-common.img emulimg-3.0.x86

Create a Tizen Common Emulator

1. Launch Emulator Manager.

2. Click "ivi-custom" lable. Select "Base image" and find the image emulimg-3.0.x86 you downloaded. Name it and then click "Confirm" button.

Create Common Image.png

3. Launch it.