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The Tizen Compliance Program ensures that devices and applications work correctly together by setting out requirements for common behaviour and providing a validation mechanism to show that the requirements are followed.

The main compliance site is: https://source.tizen.org/compliance

The components that are in active development are:

  • Mobile Profile Spec: Version 2.2.1 was recently released that will be used for all 2.2.x-based mobile products.
  • Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT): Supporting tests for the mobile profile are now available along with a certification request form.
  • Web Application checker: A standalone tool to scan your Tizen Web application and identify any noncompliant issues.
  • Additional profile specs: Non-mobile profiles are being discussed and drafted.

Further information can be found at the link above. Additional questions and involvement is welcome by joining the mailing list: https://lists.tizen.org/listinfo/compliance.