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Tizen is an Open Source project, organized according to rules well established in other Open Source projects.

See the rest of Platform Development.



  • Role: Develops code or other contributions
  • Rights and duties:
    • Can report bugs and suggestions
    • Can submit code changes to appropriate branches
    • Can (and is encouraged to) participate in the review process (-1 and +1 reviews)
    • Should participate in relevant discussions in mailing lists
    • Should offer constructive advice to other developers
    • Should behave as a Reviewer in all aspects


  • Role: Makes decisions on contributions
  • Rights and duties:
    • All of a Developer’s rights and duties
    • Can make decisions on code contributions (-2 and +2 reviews)
    • Should proactively participate in the review process
    • Should participate in the release process
    • Must not approve own contributions
    • Must offer constructive comments when rejecting a contribution
    • Must ensure contributions are ready for the production tree


  • Role: Integrates accepted contributions into official branches (also serves as a 'Maintainer's Delegate')
  • Rights and duties:
    • All of a Reviewer’s rights and duties
    • Must review the state of development periodically
    • Must ensure that official branches get updated
    • Must ensure that official branches retain their quality status
    • Steps in for Maintainer as needed (travel, vacations, etc.)


  • Role: Maintains a package and ensures progress
  • Rights and duties:
    • All of a Reviewer’s rights and duties
    • Can make more invasive changes to a Tizen package (e.g., create branches, rebase, etc.)
    • Can approve own contributions in exceptional cases, such as when no other reviewer is available
    • Breaks down TSG medium- and long-term goals into shorter-term goals
    • Must not abuse maintenance rights to bypass the review process
    • Must ensure all contributions to the maintained package are reviewed
    • Must ensure quality of the package
    • Must participate in the Tizen quality and release process when required


  • Role: Oversees and advises in technical matters
    • Participant in overall Architecture Workgroup decisions
  • Rights and duties:
    • All of a Reviewer’s rights
      • Some architects may be Maintainers in their own right
    • Should proactively offer advice to ongoing discussions
    • Interprets long-term Tizen strategy and vision into long- and medium-term technical goals
    • Must monitor the overall health and progress of Tizen
    • Must participate in Architecture Workgroup decisions (lazy consensus applies)

Succession and non-interruption of activities

Policying and sanctioning