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These materials were made at Ajou University in Korea directed from professor Seok-Won Lee with intent to support students for their Tizen projects in classes.

Particulary, they have been focused on how to develop a Tizen native application for Tizen 2.3 version.

Material List for Tizen Application Development

Category Lecture Note File
Tizen Basic 1. Tizen Basic Introduction File:TIZEN 2.3 Basic Introduction(2015.03).pdf
2. Tizen 2.3 SDK Installation File:TIZEN 2.3 SDK installation.pdf
Tizen Native 1. Basic UI Application File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Basic UI Application.pdf
2. Camera API File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Application Camera.pdf
3. Location API File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Application Location.pdf
4. Messaging API File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Messaging APIs.pdf
5. Sample: File Manager File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Application File Manager.pdf
6. Sample: Calculator File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Sample Calcuator.pdf
7. Sample: Notification File:TIZEN 2.3 Native Notification Sample.pdf
Tizen web is based on 2.2.1 version and there are no problems with compatability in 2.3.
Tizen Web 1. Hello World! File:Tizen 2.2 Hello World Web.pdf
2. AngularJS & Bootstrap File:Tizen - AngularJS & Bootstrap.pdf
3.1. Using Tizen Web Device API Example File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Device API & W3C DeviceOrientation Example.pdf
3.2. Application API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Application API.pdf
3.3. Content API/ContentManager Example File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Content API ContentManager Example App.pdf
File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Content API Introduction.pdf
3.4. W3C/HTML5 Media with Camera Exmple File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application W3CandHTML5 Media with Camera example.pdf
3.5. NFC API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Appliction NFC API.pdf
3.6. Messaging API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Messaging API.pdf
3.7. I/O Filesystem API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application FilesystemAPI.pdf
3.8. Calendar API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Calendar API.pdf
3.9. Notification API File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Notification API.pdf
4. HTML5 Tip - Web Storage File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Web HTML5 Web Storage.pdf
5. Debugging File:Tizen 2.2 Web Application Debugging.pdf

Tizen Project 2015 Github Repository


Team Name Project Description Location
Guardizen IoT platform based location alarming system using Bluetooth triangulation https://github.com/khchoi9119/Guardizen
APAMS(Amusementpark Population Analysis & Management System) Amusement park density analysis and management system https://github.com/AjouCapstoneDesign2/capstone
TASS(Train Authentication Support System) Train passenger authorization system using Beacon and PSD sensors https://github.com/SeongyongChang/tass_v_1_1.git
Schedule Band Personal schedule management and sharing application https://github.com/OHJoohyun/MobileServicePlatform_Team1.git
Location calender Location-based calendar https://github.com/SeongyongChang/local.git
Whack a mole on Tizen Game of whack-a-mole https://github.com/ydh0213/Whack-a-Mole
PingPong Ping pong game using Bluetooth https://github.com/jinho0229/PingPong-brick-breaker.git
Communication Among Things Control system between things https://github.com/yunari
Human Conditioner Human Conditioner beyond air conditioner https://github.com/bumking/haha
Smart Garbage Can Autonomous robot garbage can using RaspberryPi based image and voice recognition technology https://github.com/PyeongWoo?tab=repositories


Project Name Project Description Location
Cigarette Consumption Management System Smoking amount analysis & smoking place notification service through the connection with an ashtray https://github.com/renardmasque/lilo
Facial Recognition System Facial recognition system for faster performance and security https://github.com/Shinoha/projectteam2
Cafe Seat Management System Automatic detection of empty seats in a cafe and notification information to boss, employee, and customer https://github.com/Pyoung-Woo/Software-Engineering_Team-Project_Cafe-Seat-Management-System
Automobile Management System Automobile status configuration, temperature performance based on arrival time, navigation control, and communication with mobile devices https://github.com/meetbaba/sweproject

https://github.com/yul1006/swe https://github.com/YoungchaeKwon/ycgithub https://github.com/SungJuLee/RaspberryPI

Smart Cart Product location navigation based on a shopping list by communicating a shopping cart and Tizen mobile device https://github.com/ssssson/abcd.git
Child Guard System After school, for children who are alone in the home until their parents come to the home, check their behavior and protect them from harm environment https://github.com/SETeam4Src/SE_Team4_Src
Godok-sa-rang System Senior citizen's emergent situation and health information detection & delivering it to the protector https://github.com/bravephs88/GDSR
Smart Home Guard System Smart home guard system for one person's house by controlling door lock and detecting intrusion using sensors and Tizen mobile devices https://github.com/quddnr153/ASE_TEAM3
Smart AL (Secured Managed ART of Automated Lifestyle) Apartment security management in automated lifestyle https://github.com/ajoudrzakalkpj