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These materials were made at Ajou University in Korea directed from professor Seok-Won Lee with intent to support students for their Tizen projects in classes.

Particulary, they have been focused on how to develop a Tizen native application for Tizen 2.4 version and Gear S2 application for Tizen 2.3 version.

Material List for Tizen Application Development

Category Lecture Note File
Tizen Mobile Overview at Ajou University File:Ajou TIZEN v2.4 Z3.pdf
TIZEN Mobile 2.4 Native Online Sample http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/online/Native/
TIZEN Mobile 2.4 Web Online Sample http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/online/Web/
Tizen Wearable Overview at Ajou University File:Ajou Gear S2.pdf
TIZEN Wearable 2.3.1 Native Online Sample http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/2.3.1/wearable/native/
TIZEN Wearable 2.3.1 Web Online Sample http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/2.3.1/wearable/web/
IoT Connection and installation of Raspberry Pi 2 File:Connection and Installation of Raspberry Pi 2.pdf
Connect between Arduino and Tizen File:How to Make TCP Connection between Arduino and Tizen-.pdf

Tizen Project 2016 Github Repository


Team Name Project Description Location
pH for Gear S2 pH is PPT remote control application using Gear S2. It Will help presenter who feel uncomfortable to carry ppt remote controller. It has multiple sensing system to recognize user gesture. Gear S2 APP: https://github.com/kcassia/pHServer

PC Server Program: https://github.com/kcassia/pHClient

Find The Way With TIZEN It is an application to find a way where we want to go using Gear S2. Gear S2 APP: https://github.com/taewoo-jung/BOMIOJYO
BTS(Bike Tizen Smart) Smart Bike is a service for bike user.It has functions to ride a bike confortable and safe using chatting, navigation and blackbox. Tizen Z3 App: https://github.com/myung7769/smartbike
C.O.W(Confidential OTP on Watch) It is a system that can provide encryption, decryption, upload, and download as genereating OTP of gear S2. Gear S2 App and Server: https://github.com/SongChungJin/Tizen_C.O.W
Presenter for Smart Watch It is a smart watch presenter application in order to operate on Gear S2. Gear S2 App: https://github.com/kimhun456/Gear-S2-Presenter


Team Name Project Description Location
Intense Intersections Intense Intersections will allow players to directly control both pedestrian and vehicle traffic on a busy intersection. By making sure no two cars or pedestrians collide with each other and by keeping the traffic fluid, players will want to achieve the highest possible score by facing increasing demands and challenges. Controls are simple: with a simple tap, the player can control individual cars or pedestrian crosswalk lights. It's up to him or her to make sure everyone gets to their destinations without any accidents! http://github.com/lh151594/intense_intensechen/
Central heating control System to control heating elements in the house based on schedule or conditions set by the user. This will be based on IOT sensors and a smartphone application communicating through a central server. https://github.com/elemianus/SoftEngAjou/
A Smart Planner This project started during one of our team meeting. We all had really charged schedule and it was difficult to find a time that could suit everyone. That’s when we realized it would be amazing to have an app doing all our planification for us, a smart planner. It would have our class time but also include team meeting, club meeting, studying and could even have the sleeping time to guaranty our success. Furthermore, the professional world inspired the idea where most of the companies uses Outlook. And when you come out from school it’s the first time you face a group scheduler. More than only helping students plan their studies, it will form them for their future work life. https://bitbucket.org/b_pigot/timeit.git/
Selfie On 4 Selfie Battle with your Friends for fun! You can show off your selfie and challenge to your friend's Do challenge and get credit! http://github.com/hyonnnn/seppiebarrle/
Smart Window Smart Window System is used in the window. The user can check the status of the window using mobile devices, and activate the operations. Also, it checks the outer environment, opening, and closing the window. https://github.com/KimNamGon/software_engineering/
Infinite We make a game using the Unity. A basic game that everyone can get to play easily. It will give you pleasure. https://github.com/PasiSe/Infinity/
Smart Air Conditioner Control system Smart Air Conditioner Control system's major purpose is automation that once user set certain state, the air conditioner will keep the state. By attaching our system on pre-existing air conditioner(non-smart), user can experience smart air conditioner system (the automation). Our system is implemented with Tizen, apache web server, and Arduino. http://github.com/leehyeongjin/s-e_team7/
Unified indoor environment administration system Our system is mainly composed of Arduino board(modules), server and client. Modules are collect information by sensor and transfer it to the server via wi-fi. Client request that information and can control window at distant location with these modules. Server analysis collected information and control window automatically. http://github.com/tjdudwlsd/swe_engi_uias/
User Friends Tamagotchi Implementation of the system, Tamagotchi based on Tizen. Graphics are realized using Unity engine, and the application synchronize the behaviors. It effects the Tamagotchi and raise it.
Breeding Pet System Breeding Pet System Provides Health Care and Mental Care Services for Users, Helping People to Get Fit and Go on a Diet. It Provides Playing with Your Own Pets, and Mini-Games with Pets. Breeding Pet System Delivers Health Care Information and Motivate Users All the Time. https://github.com/Pyoung-Woo/Advanced-Software-Engineering_Breeding-Pet-System/
The Attendance Management System on TIZEN Attendance Management System(AMS) is a system which provides more benefits to its users: students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The system allows schools to do students’ attendance easily and keep all the records digitally which decreases the current risk of losing the records. sever and web app : https://github.com/wooriroh/SoftwareEngineering_2016

tizen app : https://github.com/danielamkaer/ajou-software-app

TableEat, Tizen application to book a table in a restaurant TableEat is an application for customers and restaurants owners with which customers can search for restaurants nearby them or in a specific location. They can choose a restaurant, look at its details (name, address, type of food, menu), choose what they want to eat and book a table at a specific time. Restaurants owners receive the bookings and they confirm their approval. Web application : https://github.com/AhmedASaeed/tableeat-app

Server : https://github.com/atassiam/TableEat-api

Glouch 스마트워치의 가장 큰 단점은 화면 크기로 인해 발생하는 자판 이용의 불편함 입니다. 이를 해결하기 위해 이번 프로젝트에서 만드는 Glouch는 휴대용 장갑위에 자판을 구현한 스마트워치용 무선 키보드입니다. 아두이노: https://github.com/wook-jae/Glouch-Ar

안드로이드: https://github.com/wook-jae/Glouch-A 타이젠: https://github.com/wook-jae/Glouch-T