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These materials were made at Nanjing University in China directed from professor Jidong Ge with intent to support students for their Tizen projects in classes.

Particulary, they have been focused on how to develop a Tizen web application for Tizen 2.3 version.

以下是由南京大学软件学院葛季栋教授基于Tizen英文教材版本撰写的Tizen中文教材 以及基于Tizen 2.3平台的 web应用开发实例

Material List for Tizen Application Development


Category (类别) Lecture Note (讲义) File (文件链接)
Tizen System (Tizen系统) 1. Introduction to Tizen (Tizen介绍) File:1-Introduction to Tizen v2.3.pdf
2. Tizen Bootup (Tizen启动) File:2-Tizen v2.3 Bootup.pdf
3. Tizen Application Model (Tizen应用模型) File:3-Tizen v2.3 Application Model.pdf
4. Tizen System & App Frameworks (Tizen系统&应用框架) File:4-Tizen v2.3 System and App Framework.pdf
5. Application Profiling and Debugging (Tizen编译与调试) File:5-Tizen v2.3 Application Profiling and Debugging.pdf
6. Tizen Linux Kernel (Tizen Linux内核) File:6-Tizen v2.3 Linux Kernel.pdf
7. Tizen Graphics & UI Frameworks (Tizen图形与界面框架) File:7-Tizen v2.3 Graphics and UI-Frameworks.pdf
8. Tizen Input Service Framework (Tizen输入服务框架) File:8-Tizen v2.3 Input Service Frameworks.pdf
9. Tizen Multimedia Framework (Tizen多媒体框架) File:9-Tizen v2.3 Multimedia Framework.pdf
10. Tizen Location Framework (Tizen位置框架) File:10-Tizen v2.3 Location Framework.pdf
11. Tizen Web Framework (Tizen Web 框架) File:11-Tizen v2.3 Web Framework.pdf
12. WebkitEFL File:12-Tizen v2.3 WebkitEFL.pdf
13. IoTivity File:13-IoTivity.pdf
14. Tizen Emulation on PC (Tizen 电脑模拟仿真) File:14-Tizen v2.3 Emulation on PC.pdf
Tizen Native (Tizen 2.3 本地应用) 15.1 Basic UI Application (应用基本UI) File:15.1-Native Basic UI Application.pdf
15.2 Camera API (照相机API) File:15.2-Native Application Camera.pdf
15.3 Location API (位置API) File:15.3 Native Application Location.pdf
15.4 Messaging API (短消息API) File:15.4 Native Messaging APIs.pdf
Tizen Web (Tizen 2.3 Web应用) 16.1 Hello World!-Web File:16.1 Hello World Web.pdf
16.2.1 Using Tizen Web Device API Example (使用TizenWeb设备API实例) File:16.2.1 Web Application Device API & W3C DeviceOrientation Example.pdf
16.2.2 Application API (应用API) File:16.2.2 Web Application Application API.pdf Content API (内容API) File: Web Application Content API Introduction.pdf ContentManager Example (内容管理实例) File: Web Application Content API ContentManager Example App.pdf
16.2.4 W3C/HTML5 Media with Camera Example (W3C/HTML5多媒体相机实例) File:16.2.4 Web Application W3CandHTML5 Media with Camera example.pdf
16.2.5 NFC API File:16.2.5 Web Appliction NFC API.pdf
16.2.6 Messaging API (消息API) File:16.2.6 Web Application Messaging API.pdf
16.2.7 I/O Filesystem API (I/O文件系统API) File:16.2.7 Web Application FilesystemAPI.pdf
16.2.8 Calendar API (日历API) File:16.2.8 Web Application Calendar API.pdf
16.2.9 Notification API (提醒API) File:16.2.9 Web Application Notification API.pdf
16.3 Tizen HTML5 Features (Tizen HTML5特性) File:16.3 Tizen HTML5 Features.pdf
17 Tizen Projects (Tizen项目) File:17 Tizen Projects.pdf

Tizen Project 2015 Github Repository

Tizen项目2015 Github资源库

Team Name(项目名) Project Description (项目描述) Location (链接)
2048 Digital game with slide and merge function (具有滑动和叠加功能的数字游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-2048
Dotdot Tizen Web Html/JavaScript based ball game (基于Tizen Web Html/JavaScript的益智小球游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-Dotdot
Tictactoe(井字棋) Multiplayer mode support board game (支持多用户的井字棋游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-JinZiQi
Saolei(扫雷) Mine clearance game on grid (网格扫雷游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-SaoLei
Suduku(数独) Digital filling game on grid (网格填数字游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-Suduku
Barrage(雷霆战机) Aircraft fight control game via touch screen (触屏控制飞机小游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-Barrage
Gomoku(五子棋) Board game on 15*15 grid (15*15网格五子棋游戏) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-Gomoko
Asset Loan Caculator(贷款计算器) Repayment calculate according to loan(根据贷款情况计算还款额度的计算器工具) https://github.com/leimiaomiao/Tizen-App-AssetLoanCaculator