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Tizen v2.2 platform development lecture was held in Sungkyunkwan University, Autumn 2014.

Lecture Notes for Tizen v2.2

No. Chapter Lecture Note
1 Introduction to Tizen File:1-Introduction to tizen.ppt
2 Tizen SDK and App Development File:2-Tizen App Development.ppt
3 Tizen Bootup File:3-Tizen bootup(U-boot,Systemd).ppt
4 Tizen Linux Kernel File:4-Tizen Kernel.ppt
5 Tizen Development Environment and Platform Build File:5-Tizen Platform Build.ppt
6 Tizen Porting on ODROID-U3 File:6-Tizen porting on Odroid U3.pdf
7 Tizen Project Example: Remote Key Framework File:7-SmapleProject Tizen Remote Key Framework.ppt
8 Tizen System & App Frameworks File:8-Tizen System&App framework.ppt
9 Tizen Graphics & UI Frameworks File:9-Tizen-Graphics-and-UI-Frameworks.ppt
10 Tizen Location Framework File:10-Tizen Location Framework-GeoClue.ppt
11 Tizen Multimedia Framework File:11-Tizen Multimedia Framework.ppt
12 Tizen Web Framework File:12-Tizen-Web-Framework.ppt
13 Tizen Emulation on PC File:13-Tizen Emulation on PC.ppt
14 Project Guideline File:14-Project Guideline.pdf

Tizen Porting on ODROID-U3

Refer to How to Build and Load Tizen on Odroid_U3

Tizen v2.2 Platform Image for ODROID-U3

  • Here is pre-built Tizen v2.2 platform image for ODROID-U3. Only platform, ums and data partition images are included in. [1]

Term Project Topics

Name Final Presentation
Chameleon Display File:Project Chameleon display.ppt
Extensible Hardware Framework to Tizen File:Project Extensible Hardware Framework for Tizen.ppt
GEM Tizen File:Project GEMTizen.ppt
Battery Information File:Project Battery Information .ppt
Remote Sensor File:Project Remote-sensor.ppt

See Also

This lecture and porting to ODROID-U3 were introduced in Korea Linux Forum 2014. Please refer to the below presentation file.