Tizen Lecture Materials/Sungkyunkwan University 2015

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Tizen v2.3 platform development lecture and porting practice were held in Sungkyunkwan University, 2015

Lecture Notes for Tizen v3.0

No. Chapter Lecture Note
1 Tizen v3.0 Platform Build File:Tizen v3.0 Platform Build GBS.ppt

Lecture Notes for Tizen v2.3

No. Chapter Lecture Note
1 Introduction to Tizen v2.3 File:1-Introduction to Tizen v2.3.ppt
2 Tizen v2.3 Boot-up File:2-Tizen v2.3 Bootup.ppt
3 Tizen v2.3 Application Model File:3-Tizen v2.3 Application Model.ppt
4 Tizen v2.3 System and App Framework File:4-Tizen v2.3 System and App Framework.ppt
5 Tizen v2.3 Application Profiling and Debugging File:5-Tizen v2.3 Application Profiling and Debugging.ppt
6 Tizen v2.3 Linux Kernel File:6-Tizen v2.3 Linux Kernel.ppt
7 Tizen v2.3 Graphic and UI Frameworks File:7-Tizen v2.3 Graphics and UI-Frameworks.ppt
8 Tizen v2.3 Input Service Framework File:8-Tizen v2.3 Input Service Frameworks.ppt
9 Tizen v2.3 Multimedia Framework File:9-Tizen v2.3 Multimedia Framework.ppt
10 Tizen v2.3 Location Framework File:10-Tizen v2.3 Location Framework.ppt
11 Tizen v2.3 Web Framework File:11-Tizen v2.3 Web Framework.ppt
12 WebkitEFL File:12-Tizen v2.3 WebkitEFL.ppt
13 IoTivity File:13-IoTivity.ppt
14 Tizen v2.3 Emulation on PC File:14-Tizen v2.3 Emulation on PC.ppt

Tizen Practice Lecture

No. Chapter Lecture Note
1 Tizen v2.3 Platform Build File:1-Tizen v2.3 Platform Build.ppt
2 Tizen v2.3 App Development File:2-Tizen v2.3 App Development.ppt
3 Tizen v2.3 Porting on Odroid-U3 File:3-Tizen v2.3 porting on Odroid U3.pdf