Tizen Lecture Materials/Xidian University 2015

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These materials were made at Xidian University in China directed from professor He Li with intent to support students for their Tizen projects in classes.


Tizen Project 2015 Github Repository

Team Name Project Description Location
OnePath Connection game with given graph(给定图的连接游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/OnePath
Puzzle Move the subgraph to recover(拼图游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/Puzzle
Fish Move to get food for the fish(鱼捕食游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/Fish
KeepHiding Hide from the drop bomb(避开炸弹游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/KeepHiding
StuBird Game like flappy bird(避开障碍物游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/StuBird
2048 Digital game with slide and merge function(带有滑动和合并功能的数字游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/2048
MathTool Convert a set of number to graph(将一组数据转换为图形的工具) https://github.com/lihexd/MathTool
OMemo Memorandum for daily life(备忘录) https://github.com/lihexd/OMemo
PopTheLock Pop the lock(可适用在Gear S2上的小游戏) https://github.com/lihexd/PopTheLock
PicRecognize Recognize the number and word from the picture(可连接百度进行数字和字母识别) https://github.com/lihexd/PicRecognize