Tizen OS Local Upgrade Guide

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※ Caution : This guide is based on rpi4

Environment Setup

  1. Fusing old version image to rpi4
    • sudo ./sd_fusing.sh -d /dev/(sdX) --format
    • sudo ./sd_fusing.sh -d /dev/(sdX) -b tizen-unified...iot-boot...tar.gz
    • sudo ./sd_fusing.sh -d /dev/(sdX) -b tizen-unified...iot-headed...tar.gz
  2. Connect rpi4 to host computer
    • sdb devices
    • sdb root on
  3. Setup local upgrade delta
    1. Input upgrade delta to usb
      • Delta.tar path : (usb home path)/(old image build string)@(new image build string)
      e.g) .../tizen-unified_20200601.2@tizen-unified_20200611.1/delta.tar

Test Local Upgrade Client

※ Below test client is based on Tizen OS Local Upgrade Client Guide. If you want to make own client, please refer guide.

  1. Install test client
    ※ Caution : you should reboot rpi4 after install test client
  2. Check that fota-manager recognize delta in usb
    1. Input setup usb with upgrade delta
    2. Plug and Unplug usb to rpi4
    3. Check that test client is launched
      • Plugged event key : fota-plug, value : (delta path)
      • Unplugged event key : fota-unplug, value : (usb home path)
      • e.g) Test client LOG_TAG : FOTA_MANAGER_CLIENT
  3. Download delta to client app while usb plugged
    • sdb shell app_launcher -s org.example.update-manager-client fota-download 0
  4. Request upgrade after delta was downloaded
    • sdb shell app_launcher -s org.example.update-manager-client fota-update 0
    ※ Caution : Request upgrade will trigger REBOOT
    • If request upgrade succeeds, device will enter to the FOTA mode
    Fota boot.png
  5. After upgrade
    1. After reboot, fota-manager recognize upgrade status
    2. Check that test client is manually launched
      • Reboot event key : fota-reboot, value : 00(success), 0(ro only success), other(fail)
    3. Or you can get upgrade status with update-control API