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Dual boot

The purpose of this section is to install Tizen Common Yocto alongside another Linux distribution (dual boot). The target can be both the workstation on which the Tizen Yocto is built or another machine. For the example Tizen Yocto is installed alongside OpenSuse since it is the only distribution we have tested so far to build Tizen Yocto. This how to explains everything from installing OpenSuse to setting up the dual boot.

Download the openseSUSE image =

Download iso image of openseSUSE 13.1

The official openSUSE web site http://software.opensuse.org

create the usb key

sudo dd if=openSUSE-13.1-DVD-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sd${X}

Boot the usb key to start the installation

install openSUSE

Create your partition

Create a partition table similar to this one:

sda1 16 Go swap
sda2 1 Go  ext4 /boot
sda3 4 Go  ext4 /yoctoTizen
sda4 4 Go  ext4 /yoctoTizen2
sda5 20 Go  ext4 /
sda6 * Go  ext4 /home

create user


start install

After install

Remove useless repository

     su -
     zypper lr
     zypper lr 1
     zypper rr 1

(if 1 the usb key repository used for the installion)

Update your system

zypper ref
zypper up

Enable ssh connection (optional)

systemctl start sshd
systemcl  enable sshd

Disable the firewall

This can be easily done using "yast". To do so, launch "yast" then go to "Security and Users -> Firewall" and disable the firewall.

No pwd for easier ssh connection

On your host use ssh-copy-id of the target.

This is especially useful when using the install script which heavily use ssh. Of course this is only useful if the workstation and the target aren't the same machine.

Add grub entry

Add a entry to grub menu, allowing yocto boot at start up

vi /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Note that in the config file "grub.cfg" the "set root" line defines the partition that contains the /boot directory and the "linux ... root=" defines the partition that contains the rootfs "/" so you need to adjust those values according to your partition table.

gpt table
menuentry 'Yocto Tizen Common' {
    insmod part_gpt
    insmod ext2
    set root='(hd0,gpt2)'
    linux /bzImage_yoctoTizen root=/dev/sda3 init=/lib/systemd/systemd rw rootwait
msdos table
menuentry 'Yocto Tizen Common' {
    insmod part_msdos
    insmod ext2
    set root='(hd0,msdos2)'
    linux /bzImage_yoctoTizen root=/dev/sda3 init=/lib/systemd/systemd rw rootwait

Install image to host target using the yoctoTizenInstall script

You can find the scripts here.

git clone https://github.com/eurogiciel-oss/yoctoTizenTools.git

This script install the built image on a local or remote partition.

cd yoctoTizenTools
./yoctoTizenInstall --reboot_after

Note that the option "--reboot_after" will automatically shutdown your machine and reboot it on the tizen partition.