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On behalf of Tizen tools development team

We are very pleased to announce that new version of Tizen developer tools [13.05] is released on, at:

Highlight of this release

  • It contains several major enhancements for the existing tools:
 - gbs 0.17
 - mic 0.20
 - bmap-tools 2.4
  • For tools tools release naming convention and download folder structure,
 please see details at:

Details of the enhancements

  • gbs 0.17 release:
 - Totally local full build support, refer to document [3]
 - gbs config refinements
 - Support fetching build conf from standard RPM repodata
 - Create debuginfo and debugsource packages by default
 - Add --packaging-branch option for 'gbs clone' to specify default working branch
 - Optimizations
 - bug fixes
   * get target arch from build conf if 'Target' is set in build config, which
     make gbs and remote obs generate the same arch for final RPM package

- see details release notes at:
  • mic 0.20 release:
 - new distribution support: CentOS 6
 - drop image creation if checked packages not present in image
 - introduce 'installerfw' command in kickstart to customize configuration
 - improve output message of post scripts
 - bug fixes

- see details release notes at:
  • bmap-tools 2.4 release
 - Add SSH URLs support. These URLs start with "ssh://" and have the following
   format: ssh://user:password@host:path, where
      * user - user name (optional)
      * password - the password (optional)
      * host - hostname
      * path - path to the image file on the remote host
   If the password was given in the URL, bmaptool will use password-based SSH
   authentication, otherwise key-based SSH authentication will be used.

- see details release notes at: