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On behalf of Tizen tools development team

We are very pleased to announce that new version of Tizen developer tools [13.06] is released on, at:

Highlight of this release

  • It contains several major enhancements for the existing tools:
 - gbs 0.18
 - mic 0.21
 - bmap-tools 2.6
  • Distributions support changes:
 * One new distribution supportted
   - Fedora 19
 * One distribution dropped:
   - Fedora 17
  • For tools tools release naming convention and download folder structure,
 please see details at:

Details of the enhancements

  • gbs 0.18 release:
 - offline local full build support for the following Tizen branches:
   * Tizen 2.1
   * Tizen 2.2
   * Tizen 3.0 (tizen): with both common and ivi/mobile profile support
 - support CI_CNT and B_CNT OBS build related macros
 - zsh command line auto-completion support
 - enhance build conf and profile naming:
   * build config file can contains '-'
   * profile name can start with digital and contains '-'

- see details release notes at:
  • mic 0.21 release:
 - refactor part of chroot modules for better cleanup handling
 - add an alias "installerfw_plugins" for installerfw
 - remove unnecessary fuser dependency for "fuser" command
 - enable proxy with user authentication setting
 - correct no_proxy handling in openSUSE
 - kill processes inside chroot after post script running
 - ulitize 'dmsetup' to avoid possible dm device unaccessible issue
 - bug fixes

- see details release notes at:
  • bmap-tools 2.6 release
 - add on-the-fly decompression support for '.xz' and '.tar.xz' files.
 - enhancements and fixes in the Debian packaging

- see details release notes at:


  • Tools installation: