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On behalf of Tizen tools development team, we are very pleased to announce that new versions of Tizen developer tools [13.07] have been released on (, including the following:

- Git Build System (GBS) 0.19 - Image Creator (MIC) 0.22 - bmap-tools 3.0

For naming convention and download folder structure for tools release, refer to

Highlights and Major Enhancements

  • GBS 0.19 release
 - Remove previous built rpm and srpm if new version has been built out.
 - Track upstream/pristine-tar branch automatically, as well as using upstream and pristine-tar branch to generate tar ball.
 - Split out remote build module to separate sub-package: gbs-remotebuild.
 - Fix the bug below:
   Failure of loading project specific gbs.conf when gitdir is specified.
 - Update dependencies below:
   * Depend on new pristine-tar 1.28, which contains bug fix while creating pristine-tar delta data.
   * Depend on new librpm-tizen to ignore some spec parser error.
 For detailed information, refer to
  • MIC 0.22 release
 - Refactor msger module to ulitize logging module.
 - Refine error class module.
 - Enhance the support for virtualenv.
 - Add bash and zsh completion support.
 - Update BmapCreate module to the latest version.
 - Fix the bugs below:
   + Exit during packing process in Ubuntu.
   + Failure of loop device alloaction in openSUSE.
 For detailed information, refer to
  • bmap-tools 3.0 release
 - Switch from using SHA1 checksums in the bmap file to using SHA256.
 - Support OpenPGP (AKA gpg) signatures for the bmap file.
 - Guarantee the Fiemap module (and thus, bmaptool) to always synchronize the
   image before scanning it for mapped areas. This is done by using the
   "FIEMAP_FLAG_SYNC" flag of the FIEMAP ioctl.
 For detailed information, refer to


  • Tools installation: