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We are very pleased to announce that new version of Tizen development tools [13.08] is released on Repositories can be found at:

 [Tools Repository](

Highlight of this release

In this release, we have included three new tools, including repa, prekit and lthor. Thanks for all the authors for these projects. And from this release, both GBS and MIC can support ARM64(aarch64) architecture now.

  • This release contains many enhancements for the following tools:
 - gbs 0.20
 - mic 0.23
 - bmap-tools 3.1
 - repa 0.1 (New)
 - prekit 0.9 (New)
 - lthor 1.4 (New)
  • And two new Linux distributions have been added into the support list, as

shown below:

 - Ubuntu 13.10
 - openSUSE 13.1
  • All the supported Linux distributions are:
 - Ubuntu 13.10 (New)
 - Ubuntu 13.04
 - Ubuntu 12.10
 - Ubuntu 12.04
 - openSUSE 13.1 (New)
 - openSUSE 12.3
 - openSUSE 12.2
 - openSUSE 12.1
 - Fedora 19
 - Fedora 18
 - CentOS 6
  • For tools release naming convention and download folder structure, please refer to:
 [Tools Repository Specifiation](

Details of the enhancements

  • GBS 0.20 release
 - support ARM64(aarch64) build
 - enhance gbs build report summary, including print log directory, show
   number of succeeded packages and always show build report even if some
   packages build failed
 - generate html and json format build report
 - depend on new pristine-tar (1.28) to fix pristine-tar branch broken issue
 - use HTTP no-cache headers to avoid unexpected proxy caching
 - depend on initvm static binary to register qemu handler, instead of using
   qemu bash script(/usr/sbin/
 For detailed information, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]
  • MIC 0.22 release
 - support arm64 architecture image creation in native mode
 - split the "native" running mode support to a separated sub-package
 - reduce the dependencies(packages) of mic main package dramatically
 - add new options '--interactive' and '--non-interactive' to flip
 - add new option '--uuid' for 'part' in ks file to set filesystem uuid
 - export more environment variables related to installer framework for loop
   image format
 For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2]
  • bmap-tools 3.1 release
 - Changes the bmap format version from 1.4 to 2.0 in order to lessen the
   versioning screw-up. Increased major bmap format version number will make
   sure that older bmap-tools fail with a readable error message, instead of
 For detailed information, refer to: [bmap-tools Release Notes][3]
  • repa 0.1 release
 - Tool for assisting release engineers with their tasks, including operate
   with submissions in easy and flexible manner.
  • prekit 0.9 release
 - prekit is a Tizen IA client tool of Pre-OS, which is the proviioning
   environment of Tizen operating system. It's the tool used to flash Tizen
   operation system to IA device.
 For detailed information, refer to: [Prekit Project Home][4]
  • lthor 1.4 release
 - Tool for downloading binaries from a Linux host PC to a target phone. It
   uses a USB cable as a physical communication medium.


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       "bmap-tools Release Notes"
       "Prekit Project Home"
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