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We are very pleased to announce that new version of Tizen development tools [14.01] is released on, including the following:

  • GBS 0.21
  • MIC 0.24
  • bmap-tools 3.2
  • repa 0.1.1

For information about Tools repositories, refer to:

 [Tools Repository](


  • New feature: GBS Jenkins jobs for local full build
 These newly added jobs are well documented, easy to deploy and configure,
 providing automation solution for small team to efficiently perform package
 building, image creation and build artifacts publishing.
  • New support list
 All the supported Linux distributions versions are as follows:
 - Ubuntu 13.10
 - Ubuntu 12.10
 - Ubuntu 12.04
 - openSUSE 13.1
 - openSUSE 12.3
 - openSUSE 12.2
 - Fedora 20 (New)
 - Fedora 19
 - CentOS 6

For information about tools release naming conventions and download folder strucuture, refer to:

 [Tools Repository Specification](


  • GBS 0.21 release
 - From this version, Jenkins jobs support has been included.
     Two subpackages (gbs-jenkins-jobs and gbs-jenkins-scripts) have been
     introduced for jenkins local full build support accordingly.
 - Add two options, --package-list and --package-from-file, to build customized
   packages specified in the package list directly given in the CLI or a file
   stored in local disk.
 - Add more user-friendly error message output for network proxy issues.
 For detailed information about GBS enhancements, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]
 For detailed information about GBS Jenkins jobs, refer to:
 [Deployment and Usage Guide for GBS Jenkins jobs][10]
 For instructions of the manual equivalent of GBS jenkins jobs, refer to:
 [GBS Local Full Build Guide][9]
  • MIC 0.24 release
 - Add two options, --repo and --ignore-ksrepo, to create customized images
   without updating the ks file.
 - Add --user and --password option for %repo directive of ks file.
 - Clean up codes relevant to EULA agreement to deprecated EULA support.
 - Enhance the handling of password string with special characters.
 For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2]
  • bmap-tools 3.2 release
 - Multi-stream bzip2 archives are now supported.
 - LZO archives are supported.
 - Make 'bmaptool create' (and hence, the BmapCreate module) work with the
   "tmpfs" file-system.
 - Decompression should now require less memory, which should fix
   out-of-memory problems reported by some users recently.
 - Improve reading and decompressing images.
 For detailed information, refer to: [bmap-tools Release Notes][3]
  • repa 0.1.1 release
 - Added --project option to avoid resolving submission to multiple products.
 - Added obs and download urls to 'repa list' output
 For detailed information, refer to: [repa Release Notes][11]


       "GBS Release Notes"
       "MIC Release Notes"
       "bmap-tools Release Notes"
       "Prekit Project Home"
       "Tools installation Guide"
       "GBS Reference Guide"
       "MIC Reference Guide"
       "bmap-tools Guide"
       "GBS Local Full Build Guide"
       "Deployment and Usage Guide for GBS Jenkins jobs"
       "repa Release Notes"