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We are pleased to announce that new version of Tizen development tools [16.02] is released on, including the following:

  • GBS 0.24.1
  • MIC 0.27.1
  • REPA 0.4

For information about Tools repositories, refer to:

 [Tools Repository](

For information about tools release naming conventions and download folder strucuture, refer to:

 [Tools Repository Specification](


  • GBS 0.24.1 release
  - Bug fix:
   * Upgrade pristine-tar with xdelta3 instead of xdelta(xdelta can not work well when codes' size is bigger than 2GB )
   * Add tar extract patches to solve bad message generated by git(2.7.4) mailinfo
  - New feature and enhancements added:
   * Upgrade latest 'build' package from upstream and suit for gbs
   * Upgrade depannuer to meet new version of build
   * Support new platform Ubuntu 16.04, Fedora 23
 For detailed information about GBS enhancements, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]
  • MIC 0.27.1 release
  * new distribution support: Ubuntu 16.04, Fedora 23
  * add raw image format support
  * Remove BmapCreate and Filemap source code from MIC (#DEVT-151)
 For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2]
 The latest mic-appliance can be downloaded from
  • REPA 0.4 release
  - New features and enhancements:
   * group: remove --force option
   * Rename command info -> show
   * Implement rebuild subcommand
   * Implement lock/unlock subcommand
   * Implement remove subcommand
   * list: add build time
   * Implement --edit command line option
  - Bugfixes:
   * fix pylint error
 For detailed information, refer to: [repa Release Notes][3]

The upgrade reminder


    Duo to we use new dependency for pristine-tar, If you have installed GBS with old version(<0.24) on debian's system(Ubuntu, Debian),
    you need upgrade as below:
    1.Add new repo to sources.list file;
    2."sudo apt-get update";
    3."sudo apt-get upgrade gbs";
    4."sudo apt-get upgrade  pristine-tar"


       "GBS Release Notes"
       "MIC Release Notes"
       "repa Release Notes"
       "Tools Installation Guide"
       "GBS Reference Guide"
       "MIC Reference Guide"
       "Maintenance Models"