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We are pleased to announce that new version of Tizen development tools [18.01.6] is released on, including the following:

GBS 0.25.4
MIC 0.28.2
REPA 0.6

For information about Tools repositories, refer to:

[Tools Repository](

For information about tools release naming conventions and download folder strucuture, refer to:

[GBS Repository Specification](
[MIC Repository Specification](
[REPA Repository Specification](


GBS 0.25.4
  - Bug fix:
   * Fix build error on x86_64 with expand error
   * Fix bugs of perl tempdir function call
   * Remove mount info check after build finished
  - New feature and enhancements added:
   * Add --style=tar feature, which can build with gbs export source
  - Update dependencies:
   * depanneur >= 0.16.4
MIC 0.28.2 release
  - No update
REPA 0.4 release
  - No update