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Reversion of edit 21086 on Devices

Hi, I recently edited the Devices page to add a couple links to the pages for specific devices. But I noticed that there was a message saying, "This is a standalone page for users: no links to other wiki pages please", the purpose of which I didn't understand (surely more links are better? what does 'standalone' mean? why is this page standalone, and how does that ultimately benefit users? aren't all pages on this wiki for users? this wiki seems useless to people who aren't interested in using Tizen). You then reverted my modificatin of the page and bolded the message. I was wondering if you could clear up some of my confusion here.

As a user of Tizen, I certainly feel that these links are useful, and I wouldn't expect this to be a controversial stance. They are undoubtedly relevant. I don't understand what the upsides of making the page "standalone" are, when it already contains links to outside of the wiki; since they're on different servers external links are *more* likely to rot or move, becoming useless, than Wiki-internal links are.

I asked on Talk:Devices about this, but I didn't get an answer there. Do you understand why this message is present, or why users would not benefit from links to pages with relevant information? Who decided on this policy, and for what purpose?

Thanks. Carthorse (talk) 18:01, 14 April 2016 (UTC)

The main goal of the Device page is simplicity: a simple, chronological overview of Tizen devices for users.
Since all other wiki pages are for devs, this one will always be a standalone page.
But you're totally free to copy this page and to add all the info you want, of course


Thanks for getting back to me!

I thought it would be good to link to individual detailed pages about devices from the chronological list. I understand not wanting to bloat a page which should simply let people know which devices are out there, but it seems obvious that the next step is to learn more about the devices someone might be interested in or have. The only link on there for the Z3 is a dead-end news article that's mostly marketing (useless to users) and high-level specs (available right off of Google, but without anywhere to dig deeper). I don't see why it should be a problem to link to more detailed information that we know is out there for the Z1 and Z3.

I also don't think I understand the division you're making between "devs" and "users". How do I know which I am? Is there a separate Wiki for "users"? I bought a Tizen phone and want to make it do useful things (outside the 'app' ecosystem) and help other people with Tizen phones do the same. That might involve writing some code, but mostly I just want to use existing open-source software on my device. I want to share the details I learn about the hardware and software on the Z3, and it seemed like a "Tizen Wiki" was the right place to do that.

I don't want to sell apps, but nothing on this Wiki made it sound like it was only for people who want to sell apps. Can you clarify this "user/dev" thing?

Thanks! Carthorse (talk) 19:15, 15 April 2016 (UTC)

The Device page can be considered as an extension of Wikipedia
target audience: users and media (90% of them know almost nothing about Tizen)
we already have a page for devs btw:
I would propose to add devices to this page
I've also created this page:
which is the main gateway to both device pages :)