Using WRT to launch apps in Wayland

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To run webapps using the WRT on Wayland you will need to follow these steps:

  • Either download a .wgt version of the webapp you wish to run, or package your own following this wiki Manually installing apps
  • wrt-installer -i your_app.wgt
    • This will install your app.
  • wrt-launcher -l
    • This lists the installed apps and their ID#, which you'll need to launch them.
Now you have an option, you can launch your app in two ways:
  1. wrt-launch -s your_app_GUID
    • The GUID is listed by wrt-launch -l, for example http://yourdomain/flashcards. This method will cause the app to come up as a separate process, allowing you to open multiple apps at once.
  2. wrt-client -l your_app_ID#
    • This will launch your app but keep you attached to the process. This is handy if you want to use gdb to debug.