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The Vehicle Web API is a javascript API implemented in crosswalk for accessing vehicle data. It is based on the W3C Automotive Business group report vehicle and data specifications.

Upstream Crosswalk Source

What is supported

Vehicle Specification:

  • get(), subscribe(), unsubscribe(), zones

Unsupported: set(), availability API, history API

Data Specification:

  • vehicleSpeed
  • engineSpeed
  • transmission
  • steeringWheel
  • throttlePosition
  • engineCoolant
  • nightMode
  • drivingMode
  • brakeOperation
  • tire
  • door
  • defrost
  • climateControl
  • lightStatus
  • batteryStatus
  • fuel
  • temperature
  • odometer

NOTE: This list may not be comprehensive. For a more up-to-date list, the source is the best source: