IVI/IVI May 4, 2013 2.0 Alpha ARM release

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We are happy to announce that Tizen IVI 2.0 Alpha code for ARM based Pandaboard (Rev A2 OMAP 4430) is now available. We believe that Tizen IVI ARM code opens up opportunities for ARM IVI developers to work with new features and functionalities offered by the platform. Tizen IVI ARM code is based on IVI source code released as part of Tizen IVI 2.0 Alpha EOY preview on December 13, 2012.

By the end of July 2013, we plan on releasing Tizen IVI 2.0 ARM.

Quick Start

Tizen 2.0 Alpha ARM Core Applications

Tizen 2.0 Alpha includes a set of core application available to all Tizen devices including IVI.

  • Browser: An app for user to surf the internet, user is able to browse webpage with image, listen music, watch videos and download data from it.
  • Calculator: An app for user to do basic mathematic: add/subtract/multiply/divide operation.
  • Calendar: An app of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year, it supports layout in Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily view, also able to record the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual agenda and dating, and have dating remind setting function.
  • Clock:
    • Alarm: A clock that wakes sleeper at present time, user is able to create new alarm with setting time, repeat, snooze and tone etc in UI.
    • World Clock: Able to know the time all over the world as the same time by it;
    • Stopwatch: A timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing
  • Contacts: An app which has a list of contacts, each of whom will have name, telephone number and address, user is able to create/edit/delete them.
  • Gallery: An app for user to browse images and watch videos.
    • Image player: It lists all images saved in local device, user is able to browser them with one by one or slide shown;
  • Settings: An app for user to set connectivity settings (such as WiFi/Bluetooth(scan)), system settings (such as Wallper/Display/Date and time and so on), application settings (such as calendar and gallery apps).

Supported Hardware

  • PandaBoard (Rev A2 OMAP 4430)

Known Issues

  • TIVI-816[2.0 Alpha ARM] Video player is not playing video.
  • TIVI-817[2.0 Alpha ARM] Music player is unable to play music files.
  • TIVI-818[2.0 Alpha ARM] Open GL is currently not supported for PandaBoard.
  • TIVI-819[2.0 Alpha ARM] Gallery is not showing the audio & video files.

Feedback and Support

We look forward to getting feedback and comments. Please contact us for any queries related to Tizen IVI ARM code release.

  • Bug reporting
  • Mailing list: ivi@lists.tizen.org
  • You may also contact: Purnendu Sinha at p.sinha AT samsung.com