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Tizen ML APIs (C/C#)

  • Single
  • Pipeline
    • Refer to GStreamer for the pipeline syntax.
    • The elements that can be used in a Tizen ML pipeline are limited. The whitelist is available at: TBD (Whitelist draft)

Tizen Machine Learning Status:

  • Tizen ML C-API approved on 2019-08-09. (ACR Passed)
  • Tizen ML C#-API approval procedure: In-Progress (
  • Tizen ML is based on nnstreamer as its frontend, executing the whole on-device AI system as a GStreamer pipeline.
  • Tizen ML is going to be based on nnfw/nncc as its backend runtime, exeucting a single neural network

Neural Network Frameworks Support Status (5.5 M2):

  • Tensorflow-Lite 1.13: Available at Tizen:Unified. Tested.
  • Tensorflow 1.13: N/A at Tizen:Unified. Available at devel:AIC:Tizen:5.0:nnsuite:test for x86_64 only.
  • Caffe: informally tested (/platform/upstream/caffe) Not Available at Tizen:Unified
  • CaffeOnACL: Available at Tizen:Unified
  • Caffe2/PyTorch: TBD
  • Keras: TBD

Robotics Support